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About, what about? Oh, about me!

I’m Susi, wife and mother, overworked and underpaid individual trying to make my wee bit of difference in the world.

Have had many, many wonderful experiences in my life and could spend pages and pages going on about it but I won’t  coz I don’t want to bore the world to death.

Currently we live in our comfy wee ex-council house in West Lothian.  It has a sufficient enough garden to grow a reasonable amount of veg to go a good way towards feeding us three!

So, we three are – Bill, Susi and the Teenager. 

When not working, we like to get out in the open and explore our surroundings.  We also like to think we’re doing our bit for the community and the environment.  I do a few hours voluntary work for the UK’s largest all female organisation which has given me some of the best experiences in my life as well as some of the best friends a girl can ever need. 

We also enjoy taking our home-made (as in we converted it ourselves) campervan off to brilliant little music festivals.  Love the vibe, love the music, the people and the freedom! Here too we’ve met some wonderful friends and had some brilliant times.

So, now we want to take things to a new level and this blog is where I want to document it all from triumphs to failure via daft ideas, makes and bakes and all the mud sweat and tears we go through in the process.

Yup, that about explains it!


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