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November 29, 2010

Going organic

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Blogging is always on my mind but I never quite get sat down to put pen to paper (so to speak!).

So with an evening to occupy, I thought I’d write a little bit about my change to using organic/natural beauty products.  I recently started reading the Organikal website and blog and was inspired to make the change! Or at least begin to make it!!

First, I started using some lovely shampoo and conditioner from Green People.

I chose Rosemary as my scalp can be a bit crazy at times.

The first thing I noticed when I started using it was the feel, it was so, well clean, feeling! Wasn’t sticky and slimy, just clean.

Second thing was that it really did make my hair “squeaky” clean.

Third, and most important for me, was that it didn’t strip the colour out!! Those of you who know me will know how I love my red hair! (even though there is less and less of it!)

Finally, so far, even after a few days (yes, I said a few!) my hair is still clean and definitely not greasy.  So a big hit!

Next I started on cleanser and face scrub.  I chose the Green People chamomile, marshmallow and aloe cleaner and a rose otto face scrub from Dr Organic.

Although I’ve found the cleanser very gentle and extremely moisturising, it hasn’t made a huge difference to the blemishes on my skin.  I’m prepared to give it a longer time to see how I get on as my skin can be incredibly fussy!

The face scrub smells great and so far so good! Only used it a couple of times but am pleased with the results.

To complete the facial I’ve been using Jason aloe vera moisturiser.  The jury is still out on this one, but I’ll give it a decent chance.

The latest addition to my wee collection has been another Dr Organic product, Lavender body wash which I love! Like the shampoo, it’s very clean and not greasy, stingy or drying.  I emerge from the shower feeling clean and not coated in a chemical layer! And it smells great!

Overall I’m pleased with my transition to more natural products so far.



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