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April 23, 2010

A lovely day out

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We’ve been kept busy of late, lots to do but no time to sit and think about blogging properly, so twitter has been getting all my attention.

Thought I’d share with blog-land our recent trip out to the Made in The Shade Spring Jamboree which was at The Lighthouse in Glasgow last Saturday.

So many pretty things to feast our eyes upon we found it very difficult to choose which lovely things to buy!

The list of vendors who were there can be seen here.

While we were there we met the lovely Vonnie and two of her gorgeous kids, was lovely to meet them all!

Looking forward to visiting the Edinburgh event on Saturday 15 May when we hope to buy more lovely things from these wonderful and talented designers and creators!

In other news I’ve been working away to get my own creations online so have set up a wee fan page on Facebook, in lue of having my own web space, and also set up a Twitter account which I will start posting too very soon.

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April 10, 2010

Self sufficiency? In Surbiton?

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Well maybe not! Not exactly Surrey and certainly not self sufficient! Yet 😉

Over the past week we’ve been working away at our wee back green, digging it, turning it and trying to rid it of the dreaded creeping buttercups that infest the place.

Today, we got it planted up.

There are three rows of onions, two different kinds of carrots and two of beetroot.  A row of cabbage, a row of leeks, cauliflower and of broccoli. 

I also transplanted the rhubarb thats been living in a tub the past 3 years, on doing so realised that its more than overdue! Strawberries have also finally got their own home, I kept the best 8 plants in the hope that they flourish this year.

Finally we got the spuds in, still tubs this year but bigger, deeper tubs than before, in the hope that we get a much better yeild than previous years.

Quite excited about it as the past few years have really just been a few things in tubs, now we have an almost “proper” veggie patch! Currently taking up only one half of our small plot at the back door, the other half being dominated by the shed which we hope to relocated to the back of the nearly-football-pitch sized main “green” in the autumn.  This would double our growing space and hopefully creating an area where chickens could be a possibility. 

Bill also planted a rowan tree in the front garden.  It was one we got free from the Woodland Trust a few years back and has lived in a tub ever since.  Looks alot more lively in the ground already!

In turning the earth over we discovered a number of bricks, these must have been the original bed for the shed which we believe used to be where our veggie plot is now.  There were from local brick works and still have the names clearly showing on them.  Most are from the Muir Brickworks in Armadale but a couple are from the Etna Brickworks, which I think was also Armadale but the other was from Loudon and Russell Tile and Fireclay Works, Allanton, Newmains.  We’ve kept these bricks as a reminder of the local industries that are now gone.

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