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October 28, 2009

Time to get crafty

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Need to get sewing tonight! Have two plain white tshirts to make pretty for the weekend and I’m leaving tomorrow night!

Thinking ribbon trim, maybe a wee bow or two and a lovely saltire too.  Nothing too elaborate!

It’s all part of mine and a friend’s daft costumes for Saturday night while we’re in London.  Going to be such a scream, and we’re going to be sooooo silly and very Scottish! hehe!

So, less procrastination and more action me thinks.  Hopefully pics later . . . .


October 26, 2009

First post :-)

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Dream HouseExcited!! My first post in my new blog!!

So, why a new blog? Because I want to keep a note of our adventures in starting to grow more of our own veggies, live a more environmentally friendly life, be more creative and pretty much work towards a much more self sufficient, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

In the process we will all need to learn loads of new skills and make difficult choices and even a few sacrifices.  But in the long term, it’ll be worth it!! I’m confident!

My first set of learning new, is finding out how this thing works and what it can do for me.  Sure I’ll manage to make a ton of mistakes and silly errors along the way but how else do we learn? Better to try and fail and all that.

I guess I could use a few words on “us” but I think I might make that a separate post. 

Now, off to explore the wonderful world of WordPress!!

Susi.  26 October 2009

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